Making Somtum in Bangkok
Taste of Thailand – The spicy flavours of Isan food
February 20, 2016

Taste of Thailand – Experience the diversity of flavours

Making Thai food

We are often asked:
“Name one Thai dish that we absolutely must try to give us a taste of Thailand?”

This is almost an impossible question to answer not only due to the huge variety on offer but also because most individual dishes can be tailored to meet the individual’s specific taste.

Regardless of the impossibility, we are now producing an ongoing series that will illustrate the huge diversity of food that is available in Thailand.  So please join us as we visit restaurants, street food vendors, catering companies, fresh local markets and even supermarkets to discover the taste of Thailand.

Each installment will feature a short video showing a hands-on cooking demonstration and a food tasting critique. We will also provide a detailed recipe and an easy to follow guide for each dish so that you can replicate them at home. We will also share some useful good to know tips if you want to order these dishes whilst you are in Thailand.

We are very aware that many first time visitors to Thailand are often cautious, even a little afraid, to eat Thai food especially if it is ordered from street food vendors. We hope that with our simple common sense tips of what to watch out for, you will be inspired to dive in and fully enjoy the taste of Thailand.

If you would like to watch a cooking demonstration of one of your favorite Thai dishes or one that you would you like to try when you visit Thailand, then please leave a comment below.

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