About Us

As a locally owned family business, we love to share our passion and intimate knowledge of our beautiful city. Our authentic local experiences, guided by locals, will leave you with fond memories that will last forever.

Our Philosophy

Our Bangkok tour experiences have been tirelessly crafted to be as responsible and sustainable as possible. We are environmentally conscious and we strive towards what is known as ‘sustainable tourism’ in order to preserve the urban and natural environments for all future generations.

‘Take only memories and leave only footprints’

Being sensitive to our impact on local communities and the natural and historic environment we limit our tours to small groups. Wherever possible we promote cultural exchange to help preserve local traditions and customs. In doing so we strongly believe that whilst providing you with an authentic insight into local life, we are able to support our local communities and contribute towards their economy.

Meet the Team

These guys are amongst the best local guides that you may ever meet in Bangkok.

The Follow Me Team motto:

‘If I’m having fun you must be too!’

As talented locals who are passionate about what they do they will show you things that you may otherwise miss, a real local insight into Bangkok, with personal connections to the people and the places.