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Follow Me Bangkok Bicycle Tours

Discover so much more of Bangkok by bike…

Have you ever imagined, or thought about taking a bicycle tour through Bangkok? Well, we guarantee that this should be in your top 10 things to do
in Bangkok. We will show you the hidden side of this fantastic city where you will discover and explore Bangkok off the beaten tourist path.

So, if you are thinking of what to do in Bangkok, then Follow Me for a unique experience!

Guided Bangkok bicycle tours

Follow Me, it truly is the only way to experience the real Bangkok….

Feel the heartbeat of the City

Immerse yourself into the daily ebbs and flows of Bangkok’s unique local life


Awaken all of your senses

Get up close and personal and indulge yourself into a truly unforgettable Bangkok experience

Have fun with your local guide

Enjoy the local snacks and fun facts, and make some new friends along the way

Relax in our peaceful Clubhouse in the heart of Bangkok; our home is your home…

It’s your day, and we want you to enjoy the experience your way with our exciting choice of half and full day Bangkok tours and more…

Siam Boran bicycle tour

Discover Bangkok on this fantastic historical city tour

Whether you are a local or a visitor to Bangkok you will find this tour informative and entertaining, discover Bangkok like never before

Price 1,200 baht/rider

Available Daily: 8:30am/1:30pm

Duration 4 to 4.5 hours

Siam Sawan bicycle tour

Escape to heaven on this idyllic Bangkok jungle tour

You will be amazed with the lush forests and overgrown mangrove plantations that are just a stone throw from the buzzing city

Price 1,200 baht/rider

Available Daily: 8:30am/1:30pm

Duration 4 to 4.5 hours

Siam Ratree bicycle tour

Experience the mystical beauty of Bangkok at night

Cycle through the city nightlife and discover a new perspective of Bangkok and along the way sample some of the best street food in the world

Price 1,800 baht/rider

Available Daily: 5:00pm

Duration 5.5 to 6 hours


Siam Chiva food tasting bicycle tour

Peek into local life on this amazing city and river tour

Cycle through many of the contrasting local communities and experience the diversity of cultures, flavors and daily life in Bangkok

Price 2,000 baht/rider

Available Daily: 8:30am

Duration 6 to 7 hours


Siam Somboon bicycle and tuk tuk tour

The complete Bangkok experience, go beyond the expected

Explore Bangkok with an afternoon cycling tour followed by an exhilarating tuk-tuk adventure to experience the city during the night time hours

Price 2,850 baht/rider

Available Daily: 1:30pm

Duration 9 to 9.5 hours (incl. 4 hours night time tuk tuk adventure)

Siam Aharn food tasting and bicycle tour

Sample the food on this fantastic historical city tour

Discover and taste Bangkok like you have never experienced it before with this informative, entertaining and very tasty walking and cycling tour

Price 2,000 baht/rider

Available Monday to Saturday: 9:30am

Duration 7 to 8 hours (incl. 3 hours morning walk)